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The costs of work vehicle crashes

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When you keep this front of mind, it is impossible to ignore the importance of safety in your workplace. Reducing risks , preventing accidents, keeping up with training , ensuring there is open communication and a safe working environment are just a few of things you need to be on top of to ensure you are creating the best safety culture possible. Good and ongoing clear, honest communication regarding health and safety is crucial. Without it, all the hard work you may be doing behind the scenes will be of no use.

Here are a few ways you can improve your capacity to create a safer working environment by receiving and circulating the right information in the best way possible:. Admit what has not been working in the past, talk about the successes that you have had and explain the plan for safety now and in the future.

Commercial Fleet Accident Rate Reaches 20%

This should be an open dialogue so that employees can have their say too. What is your new safety programme going to look like? How will it work in your organisation. The same programme will not work for every company.

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Tailor it to suit the needs of your company. Get the input from employees and get them involved from the start. Be honest about the new plan. What the reasons are behind it, why you need it, how it will help improve health and safety. Listen to feedback; take on board any criticisms or suggestions.

Accident Statistics

Repeat your message over time. Be sure to have follow up meetings after your initial introductory get-together. Follow-ups will reinforce your message. This is especially true in the beginning stages of your plan, as opinions and ideas may change the original concept.

Accident Statistics

The more you reiterate the points of your message, the more likely they are to be remembered and put in place. Health and Safety has an emotional connection for all of us.

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It is after all, about keeping us safe, healthy and alive, so we can return home to our loved ones every day. Use stories to connect with employees. Share the honest truth about how accidents affect everyone, not just the business. Changing a culture can take a long time and it may not be an easy road, but a positive attitude will take you a long way. Without it, the people around you will lose belief too and you will be back to where you started. If you are feeling your positivity slip, stop, take a look at all that has been done and feel good about all you have already achieved.

When you find employees that go above and beyond in the name of safety, reward them and make it public. Praise and rewards go a long way and employees who are interested in health and safety are like gold dust, so make sure you treat them well! Others will aspire to be like them, but only if it is communicated to the organisation. From experience, this to me is a powerful one. Railroad safety trends in graphical bar charts fashion. Users can enter specific query criteria and produce output reports including color maps of the results.

Crossing Inventory and Accident Histories. DBF format. TXT using a query interface.

Additionally, the metadata for the FRA databases as well as copies of the reference tables e. Frequently Asked Questions 9. Most of the documents which can be viewed or downloaded from this site are in PDF format and require the Adobe Acrobat program which you can also download here. Accident Type and Cause. Canned Queries for Public and Private Crossings:.

From this site, you will be able to:.